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Milling and engraving with tailor-made tools

Configure burrs for every application

Milling and engraving tools from LUKAS are just as diverse as your requirements. You define your machining according to a very simple system – we will deliver precisely the tool you need. This gives you the best tool for precision milling.

We can offer you milling and engraving tools that are specifically matched to your machining operations. Our range has burrs for steel, cast material, titanium, light and non-ferrous metals, as well as plastics, to list a few. The milling tools are also available with up to 14 different head shapes, in various sizes, and with five different coatings.

Despite this variety, making a choice is simple. We match up all the characteristics using a proven system, ensuring that you can find the tool for getting the best results for your applications in just a few steps.

Diversity of our tungsten carbide and HSS tools

We supply milling tools made of both tungsten carbide and HSS. Tungsten carbide tools are usually the right choice for challenging materials such as GFRP and CFRP composites, high alloy steels and titanium. They also have a long tool life. HSS burrs are especially suitable for working on cast iron, aluminium and plastics. In case you are not sure which tool to choose, you can compare the overviews from the catalogue excerpt (general catalogue, pages 14 and 47), or ask our application consulting service. We will be happy to assist you.

Once you have chosen a milling material, you can find the right tool in three to four simple steps:

  1. Select the machining material and the machining method (fine, medium, coarse)
    ► According to your choice, the appropriate toothing types, the recommended cutting speeds, and the speeds for the milling spindle will be displayed.
  2. Choose a head shape according to your machining requirements
    ► You can choose from up to 14 shapes such as cylindrical, spherical, tear and conical pointed nose.
  3. Select the required burr size
    ► Head diameters between 3 and 25 mm are available depending on the type.
  4. Select a coating for tungsten carbide burrs (optional)
    ► There are five coatings that can enhance the performance of the milling tools even further.
Toothing, head shape and size matched to your application

One of our most popular burrs for machining steel is the Z7 Steel. We recommend using this burr if you want to roughen (coarse machining) steel and cast steel. The Z7 has a medium cross cut, which guarantees fast material removal on steel. This tool is available with seven head shapes and head diameters between 6 and 12 mm, giving you a large degree of freedom to choose the right burr shape and size for your machining job. The burr can be “tuned up” with an AllCoat coating: This versatile layer of titanium nitride prolongs the tool life when machining ferrous metals and cast iron.

Engraving cutter with different hardnesses

Our range of engraving cutters has the right tool for every engraving job. We offer suitable engraving tools for every material – from plastics and non-ferrous metals through to steel and cast iron. Tools with cutting edges made of fine-grained K10F tungsten carbide have an especially long service life. We offer engraving cutters in different shapes and hardnesses. We recommend suitable cutting speeds and feed rates for each tool.

You will find the complete range in our catalogue:

Do you have any questions? Please contact our application consulting service. We have the answers for all issues about selecting tools. Alternatively, you can send us your contact details. We will get back to you shortly.

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