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Measured grinding for fine surfaces

Brushes, fleeces and abrasive cloths for cleaning

Cleaning does not only involve making something clean, but also removing paint, adhesive residue or concrete parts. The right tools produce flawless surfaces on every workpiece.

In the technical sense, cleaning means making clean, roughening, derusting, deburring, polishing or structuring. Flat workpieces can be cleaned using fleeces and discs, while special brushes such as pipe and end brushes are better for more complicated shapes. The intensity of the removal ranges from cleaning fleece to wire brushes.

These are the proven cleaning abrasives offered by LUKAS:

AS cleaning fleece

The AS cleaning fleece is a coarse polyester fabric impregnated with aggressive abrasive grain. This fabric is ideal for the heavy-duty removal of tough materials such as steel and sheet metal. It is mainly used on building sites, in vehicle and metal workshops as well as in shipyards. Typical work includes paint stripping and derusting, removing cement and concrete residues, cleaning boat hulls, and cleaning and structuring wood. The AS cleaning fleece is used as a flap disc for grinders or as a grinding disc with a mounting arbor on a drilling machine.

brushes for power tools

Brushes for power tools can be equipped with three types of bristles. Brushes with steel wire of high tensile strength have a long service life and are therefore economically very efficient. Alternatively, brushes with stainless steel wire are also available. These are used where residues of normal steel could impair the workpiece surfaces. This is especially true for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. A third bristle material is abrasive nylon coated with grinding particles. These abrasive nylon bristles adapt themselves particularly well to the shapes of the workpieces. Straight grinders, grinding machines or drilling machines are used as drive units for these brushes.

We offer powered brushes in these forms:


  • round brushes
  • round shaft brushes
  • end brush
  • pipe brushes
  • conical brushes
  • cup brushes
hand brushes

The hand brushes are extremely versatile. Their long bristles allow them to easily adapt themselves to the contours of the workpiece. These brushes are equally effective for cleaning, buffing, deburring, derusting, descaling, roughening and paint stripping. The strong bristles made of tensile steel wire are extremely durable and therefore economically advantageous. A version with stainless steel wire bristles is available for machining stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

abrasive cloth

Abrasive fabric and similar abrasive materials are simply used directly by hand. Sheets of abrasive cloth are ideal for large-scale manual finishing. These sheets are available in grit sizes 1000 to 40. Abrasive fabric from the economy roll is perfect for regrinding smaller areas. Taking fabric from the roll eliminates the need to cut it to size. Abrasive fleece is also available as sheets and on rolls. This abrasive material removes corrosion and soiling from surfaces and is used for matt finishing and smoothening. They are suitable for all metals as well as plastics and wood.

A full presentation of all the LUKAS grinding materials can be found in the catalogue:

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